Monday, November 10, 2008

Revenge is Color # 66

I did it. I took the plunge. I am no longer a blonde. It took me years to achieve my shade of blonde, and I anxiously watched as all my hard work was washed down the drain. Literally. It is taking some getting used to, but boy do I LOVE it!

I will however need an entirely new persona. I certainly won't be able to pull off the dumb blonde thing anymore (wait... does this mean I will have to act smart all the time? Bummer), and I can't really act completely grown up either. I'm thinking I will have to be even sassier (if that is at all possible) and maybe even a bit bitchier (again... if at all possible). I will need to channel my inner Kate Walsh, and make the entire world fall in love with me. I'll have to buy a sporty new Cadillac too! Although, if I buy a $45,000 Cadilac I can no longer use the TV against my husband.... I might reconsider that one. Either way, I think everyone should start calling me Natasha. Just because.

It almost didn't happen. My husband was showing his displeasure with the whole idea, and even told my hairstylist (who happens to be a good friend of his) that I had gotten a flat tire and would be unable to make my appointment. She of course knew he was full of shit and I still went to my appointment. It took significantly longer than anticipated so I did not make it home by the time I said I would. I was starting to feel guilty. We were supposed to go to dinner for my husband's birthday that night (no, I did not dye my hair against his will on his birthday, we were just celebrating that night) and we had to push back the time because of me. Like I said, I started to feel guilty. Then I got home. I walked inside and found myself watching college football on that giant, over-priced, HD TV, and I immediately felt better. I remembered why I had decided to dye my hair in the first place; that stupid TV. Now every time I watch something on that TV I revel in my new hair color-induced personality. I am having so much fun with this already!


Megan said...

LOVE it! You make a hot redhead. Now we're going to have to order redheaded sluts at the bar. Woe is me :)

Annie Duncan said...

What you meant to say is that other people will be buying us redheaded sluts

Betsy said...

I Love it! The color is beautiful and you can definitely rock it.