Monday, February 8, 2010

Things I Don't Love

Headaches. I really really don't love headaches. I suppose nobody loves them, but I get them so rarely that I don't know how to handle them. I mostly just lay on the couch and whine until Charming Husband brings me Advil to shut me up because he loves me.

School. It's a necessary evil, I know. But it is still evil. Just for me. I LOVE school for my kids (hello? Can we say FREE daycare?)

College kids. I know I am "technically" one of them, but I really can't stand them. I'm not there to make friends. I am there to learn the material, do the work, and then go home. I don't care about your weekend plans, I don't care about your hobbies, don't care about your major, and I really don't care about your "job" as a hostess at Chili's. I work too, except I have a real job with deadlines and budgets and consequences. And I don't really belong to a group in college. I'm not one of the "fresh out of high school" kids, I'm not one of the "looking for a date" kids, I'm definitely not one of the "I just love school so I keep taking classes" kids or the "If I plan on graduating before I die I better get a move on it cuz that's just around the corner" old people. There are other parents with full time jobs on campus, but most of them are still significantly older than me, and all of them have one of those super-cool roller backpacks so I am clearly not cool enough to be a part of THAT group. No, I sit by myself in class and we people ask me questions I pretend I am dumb and don't know so that they won't ask me again. I'm just here to get my degree, and then I never want to see these people again.

I don't like when people use the phrase "out of pocket" meaning they are not available. What I hate is that I just used that phrase.

The snow. I HATE THE FREAKIN' SNOW!!! Is it summer yet?


Evansmom said...

I hate headaches too. For some reason, I have been getting them with some frequency lately. Stress? Menopause? Sinus issues? I don;t know - I just know I HATE IT!

Susan said...

Snow sucks! *sob* we are getting more in one day. Where is Spring?

Holly said...

oh, please no more snow! Another blizzard set to hit us tommorrow too, yuck!

I am visiting from Friday Follow, albeit late! Newest follower, and glad to be your blog!

magically ordinary said...

Very, very funny! (Except for the snow - snow is never funny...)

Jen said...

I am with you about school. and headaches. I am in school and get a lot of headaches too, especially when I have to read 18th century lit! ugh! :P