Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things I Love

I woke up this morning to the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls. I'm telling you, Charming Husband is REALLY earning his keep lately (he also has full responsibility of the boys/dogs/house 4 nights a week while I am at school. And he makes dinner.) Where was I? Oh yes. Cinnamon rolls. mmmmm. Hot cinnamon rolls on a cold morning makes Thursday completely doable.

I also love when I get into my car, and start driving, and realize that I have a nearly full tank of gas. Seriously, it's one of the best feelings ever. It always seems like we get our budget all figured out and we think we have enough extra to go out for dinner, then BAM! The car needs gas. So when the tank is already full, I is a happy woman.

Last night when I picked up the little guy he reached out for me. He loves me :) Of course, I was so overwhelmed with joy and love that I nearly fell over and dropped him, but I didn't and that's what matters.

While I was getting ready for work this morning (after 2 cinnamon rolls of course) the boys were laying in my bed. Bug decided to sing to the little guy, and naturally he chose Christmas songs, because that seems appropriate? Anyway, the little guy was loving it! He was laughing and smiling, and got so excited that he coughed a little. Bug said to him in his most tender big brother voice, "It's okay buddy, you're just fake sick". He couldn't possibly have learned that from me.

Redbull. I big red puffy-heart Redbull!

I really love comments on my blog. It makes me feel important :) And last week's "Fraggle Rock" post received my most comments yet! 9 people commented on that one, 8 who liked it and 1 who apparently thinks I am boring, but I looked at his blog and he is an old fat man who thinks he is still young and fit and I couldn't even get through one post of his so his opinion is null and void.

I also apparently love run-on sentences. Sorry about that guys :)


Mrs4444 said...

You must be a wonderful wife to get treatment like that. Wow on the cinnamon roles.

Loved the image of your little boys bonding like that-so sweet :)

I've linked you up, BTW. Have a great weekend!

Mrs4444 said...

Oops. Kind of presumptuous of me, assuming this was a FF post! It fits the bill, though, so there.

Karen MEG said...

Yummmm, cinnnamon rolls! Perfect breakfast!

A lovely random post- and your boys are the sweetest.

RayeLee said...

Ugh. Now I'm craving Cinnamon Rolls! I can't wait for my new baby. My little girl is going to be so awesome with him/her!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Matty said...

Did someone say cinnamon rolls? I'll be right over.

I know exactly what you mean about a full tank of gas. There's something about it that just gives you a feeling of satisfaction.

Kids say and do the darndest things. And copy us too. Cherish the memories.

Stopping in by way of Half Past Kissing Time.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

My husband keeps my car full of gas, I love it! Cinnamon rolls sound all kinds of wonderful.
I came over from Friday Fragments at Mrs 4444's!

Caution Flag said...

I'd say your husband is doing very well by you! I get the full-tank happiness thing. For me, it means one less stop today :)

Evansmom said...

Yum on the cinnamon rolls.
Who cares about the old boring fat guy. He obviously has no taste. You are not boring!

Carolee / Home4ever said...

Now and then Ron cooks breakfast- I love it! I'm too busy on the computer to stop and cook!

Gladys said...

I love that you are so positive and not a wawa whiner! :)

Leslie Your other cute adorable sister said...

I love hearing about what you love!!!

Nezzy said...

Now this Ozarks farm chick is cravin' some nice hot gooey cinnamon rolls. Now if I could just talk Hubby into makin' them for me. Heeeheeh, THAT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!! After 37 years, I know these things!

From the snowy hills and holler of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!