Friday, March 19, 2010


It's time for Friday Fragments. I apologize in advance if I confuse you. It's what I do.
 Mommy's Idea

Apparently, all bad guys are black. I'm not entirely sure how the conversation started, but Charming Husband and Bug were talking about bad guys, and according to Bug, all bad guys are black. Charming Husband did some more digging to try and uncover where THAT came from, and apparently bad guys wear black pants and black sweatshirts and drive black cars. There was no mention, however, of bad guys actually being black. Phew! I do not have a racist 4 year old! Hopefully we can keep him that way.

It's snowing. It was 70 degrees yesterday. Colorado sucks.

I came home from math class the another night and expressed my frustration to Charming Husband about how I was totally lost on what we were doing, which is logarithms and matrices. His response? "Oh those are sooo easy". Oh hey, yeah, fuck you. Not all of us are FINANCE MAJORS! Jackass.

IT"S MARCH BABY!! I love March Madness. LOVE IT! And after last night's games my bracket is beating Charming Husband's. He might be brilliant at math but he ain't got SHIT on the court! Ok, so I can't actually play basketball, but when it comes to gambling on which teams are going to win and which games are going to be major upsets, I win. hands down. As soon as the Madness is done, it's April. And do you know what April is? BASEBALL SEASON! This is the best time of year. Except for the snow of course. which still sucks.

You know how on Friends (the TV show, obviously) Ross and Monica had that thing they did with their hands to replace using the middle finger or the actual F word when they were mad at each other because they weren't allowed to use the middle finger or the actual F word? Where you pound the sides of your fists together? Yeah, I need one of those for writing. Some little symbol that says, "oh hey, yeah, fuck you" instead of typing that out every time. Make this little bloggy a little more grandma appropriate just in case she comes across it. Which she probably will because I link to new posts on Facebook and she is a Facebook friend. Yeah, my grandma is on FB. My grandma is cooler than yours.


Nezzy said...

Ahhhh, this Ozarks farm chick loves readin' all the "frags". I popped over from Mrs. 4444's and so glad I did. I snooped around a bit, hope ya didn't mine.

Ya'll have a fabulous Friday from the hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!!

Evansmom said...

I loved the line my grandma is cooler than yours. Made me laugh. Great post.

Aphrodite's Mortal Friend (ME) said...

We have weather like that too- it's 70 today and we are supposed to get snow on Sunday! Hey- Happy Friday Follow- Stop by my place when you can :-)

Stephanie @ Figments said...

Hi - stopping by from Follow Friday. Love your blog name!

EL said...

ooh i cant wait for baseball too! my boyfriend has been bugging nonstop, he wants make those brackets or whatever. (but im blogging, no time to give him the computer) but i love to beat him in things maybe i'll sign us up so i can have the winning bracket lol!

lmao about your NOT racist 4 year old. I didnt know what kind of post to expect after reading all bad guys are black haha! have a good weekend =)

Susan said...

I loved the whole list! Especially when your teams beat your husbands. :P

Carolee said...

My Grandma was pretty cool, but she never got into the computer stuff too much.

It does seem the bad guys always wear black.

Jessica said...

It's 70 degrees here too.

Appropriate response would be; Fku, or FkU.

It almost sounds innocent.