Thursday, March 18, 2010

Very Big of Me, I Think

As I have mentioned several times in the last few months, I have made the mistake choice of going back to school to finally finish my degree in Business Management so that I can be an HR Manager and fire lots of people who are idiots and make lots of money. One of my classes is a communications class that is online. This is probably the 7th or 8th online class that I have taken in the, ahem, many years that I have been attending school, and every one of them except this one has had the same policies for tests and assignments: you have until 11:59pm the night of the due date to take the test or turn in the assignment. Every class, except this one. When did I find this out? Last night at 9:45 when I logged on to take the test that was no longer available. I emailed the bitch teacher and asked her to reactivate the test so that I can take it. I got a response from her saying she doesn't do that because she is a stupid cunt. My only option at this point is to take an NC for class (because there is no way now to get enough points to earn an acceptable grade). I logged on to do just that and naturally had to jump through a million hoops because nothing at Metro State is easy, and I was finally able to drop the class and receive a No Credit (and of course, no refund for teacher incompetence). I had an email drafted to the bitch teacher. And I really really really wanted to send it. But instead, I simply dropped the class and I am walking away. Here is what the email said, because I can't very well just delete it- someone needs to hear my wrath. She said something to the effect of "it was written in the itty bitty print on page 4598 of your syllabus so you should have seen it because nothing is more important than this communications class; certainly not other classes in which you actually learn something and definitely not tiny infants who require you for support" and my response was going to be:
      " Well then it looks like I will have to drop your class since you clearly do not understand the point of online classes and I cannot afford to fail this class. I also cannot afford to pay for this class twice, but my guess is you don't understand that either. Thanks for nothing."

Your's Truly.

I think I was fair, but seeing as how she works for the school I am attending I don't want to burn any bridges. Not yet anyway. But as soon as I graduate, she will be on my list of people to write scathing emails to.

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