Monday, July 5, 2010

I Bet THESE Were Effective

Once again folks I have found another fabulous set of pictures to add my witty comments too. Thank you to whoever posted this on Facebook for me to steal. Sorry the pictures are so small and the formatting is off. I've lost the patience to fix it.

That's right kids, only older men have AIDS! But go right on ahead and have sex with as many dumbass high school boys as you can, because none of them ever has an STD and they sure as hell will call you the next day. Boys your age NEVER break hearts. They have sex with you because they love you

There is a difference between choosing to abstain and not being able to get laid.

What's wrong with that? Who doesn't want to shack up with Hitler? I mean, just LOOK at that mustache!

FACT: Men are pigs and will move on to someone who gives it up.

FACT: Men love women who care for them like their mothers did so go ahead and brush up your cooking and cleaning skills.

FACT: That wedding dress is god-awful.

This is pretty much the best condom ad ever.

I'd be more worried that this chick was going to murder you in your sleep rather than pass on an  STD.

And who doesn't like a good game of Russian Roulette? The girls may be LOADED with disease, but they sure do look fun!

Ah yes, the great "interchangeable penis" trick. I hate when they pull that one!

It's true. transvestites are ALWAYS disguised as porcelain dolls, and they ALWAYS have VD. Just stating the facts kids, just stating the facts.

She may also be old enough to be your mother. This is why you stay away from cougars with emphysema. I guess only women have STDs then? I wonder where they got them if men aren't to blame...

...but gonorrhea, chlamydia, crabs, syphillis, herpes, warts, and HPV all ok to take home.

Yeah, guys really hate the possibility of going home with 3 girls instead of one.

Welp, you'll be waiting for a long damn time, because not only is Prince Charming a fairytale, he's probably still hooking up with that servent girl who no doubt gave himVD. And after that waxing incedent, I am not taking ANY MORE advice from pageant queens.


Just a Girl said...

hahaha, these are great!

Gucci Mama said...


Christy said...

You are so correct. Sign, signs, everywhere are signs. And when they pertain to some kind of sexual content, they tend to be misleading. COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!

G-Zell said...

LMAO! LOL... these are hilarious and commentary LOL....

have a great week!

Crazy Brunette said...


Bitch that was fucking badass!!!!

The first fucker who got me in the backseat of his Daddy's mustang, didn't even have to say he loved me! He was a football player!!!

Love your face bitch!

Anonymous said...


Donda said...

That was great! I can't even pick a favorite!

Anonymous said...

That was awesome, totally hilarious, and I <3'd the commentary!