Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Life Cannot Survive on Hope Alone

The topic for today's "30 Days of Truth" is "something you hope to do in your life". Here's the thing; If I want to do something during my lifetime, hoping isn't going to get me there. I hope I win the lottery, I hope my family stays healthy, I hope the world doesn't end it 2012, I hope I win the lottery (I really really really hope I win the lottery!). These are things that are out of my control. I can buy lottery tickets, and can keep my children as healthy as I can, but I can't guarantee the winning numbers and I can't guarantee that my children will not get sick with some incurable disease. As much as I may think the hooplah is ridiculous, I can't guarantee that the world will not end in 2012.

What I can do is make things happen. I want to be a Human Resource Manager for a huge corporate company some day. I'm not going to hope I get my foot in the door and hope that someone sees my potential. No, I'm going to finish my goddamn degree that seems to be taking forever and I am going to get my foot in the door. I will make sure that people see my potential and I will be a Human Resource Manager for a huge corporate company. If I can't win the lottery, I might as well make a bunch of money the old fashioned way by sleeping my way to the top working my ass off. When I get that job making a decent amount of money I am going to buy myself a brand new car that I want. I'm going to buy myself the Burberry bag I have my eye on. I'm going to take my family on kick-ass vacations. I'm going to do what everyone else is sitting around hoping they get to do some day.

I'm not wasting time hoping that things go my way. Hope is for things out of my control, and for things I am unsure of. I am sure I have potential and I am sure I have drive. I am sure I will be successful. I hope I win the lottery.


aims said...

heehee me too!! i hope my ass right on down to the 7-11 every weekend and buy a half dozen tickets that let me down EVERY freaking week!! but i have hope damn it! i have hope!

and i'm sure you'll make your way to the top without having to sleep except at night!! :)

and NO 2012 is crap! i'm calling it! just like i caled y2k and freaked people out cause i didn't stock up on water for bottle making when i had babies and i was right ! lol

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a motivational speech that should be directed towards some of my clients. It should be titled 'Get up and DO something!' Haha.

Ty said...

This makes me want to get up and make my dreams come true-only I have so many and can't focus on just 1.
None of these are in order just listed as I thought of them

1.Salon owner
2.Childbirth doula and unassisted childbirth advocate
3.Birth and maternity photographer
5.Cosmetology teacher/school owner
6.Restaraunt owner
7.Fix n flip houses

Where o where do I start? :)