Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh Joy.

The holidays are stressful, everybody knows that. From mid-November to the end of the year everyone is on edge trying to make plans and enjoy their holidays without offending anyone or pissing anyone off. We are no different. We are constantly pulled in a million different directions by the mass amounts of family we have nearby, and not one of those directions is where we'd prefer to go. There is lots of complaining, tons of whining, and several tears. And that's not including the kids. But then Christmas morning comes and the boys see that Mama didn't really call Santa to report their bad behavior and he did in fact bring them gifts, and it's all worth it, right? And then of course New Years comes and the grown-ups get to drink copious amounts of Champagne and forget about the Christmas turmoil, right?

Yeah...not so much.

This year is a little different. Maybe it's the tiny fetus I'm harboring in my uterus. Or maybe it's the fact both of my little boys have had tummy problems, lots of which wound up on me. It could possibly be because I woke up this morning with freaking pink-eye to go along with the head cold I've had for 3 days now. Whatever it is, I'm not so much in the mood for cheer and joy and good tidings and crap. And I really don't have the patience for pretending right now. I don't really feel like spending a whole lot of quality time with anyone other than my husband and kids. For the most part, I do still like them. But everyone else? I'd rather not. Because you know what goes really well with psychotic in-laws and over-bearing families? Puke. oh, and pink-eye. Those really add to the spectical fun that is the holidays around here. And I might still call Santa and tell him it's a no-go. It's just one of those days.


Losing Brownies said...

Pink eye is the worst, but at least you can tell everyone you can't manage to have them over and go out incase you infect someone!

I'm all for holidays, but I'd much rather spend it with my small family rather than see other people. Last year I could blame my hormones on pregnancy, but this year I'm just a grump!

Chelsea C said...

Love that you tagged this one "fetus harboring" LOL! <3