Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This Mom's Wish List

Next Wednesday is my birthday (feel free to send me gifts), so with that holiday and Mother's day coming up I have compiled a list of what I really want, not just things that I could go out and by myself.

1. Mani/pedi. This isn't so much about the purchase of these, I can do that. But what I want is the time to do it, free from phone calls and text messages and annoying people

2. A glass of Savignon Blanc. No amount of wanting will actually make me drink a glass. I'll have 4 next year to make up for this year's dry birthday. I hope this baby appreciates everything I have already given up for her :)

3. A shower, with the door closed. It seems like something small enough, right? But it happens so rarely that it is more of a pipe dream. I leave the door open when I shower before work, just in case. I need to be able to hear the cries of my children who, for the record, have never had any problems while I was in the shower. Better safe than sorry. Or something equally as cheesy.

4. To use the potty, without an audience. Inevitably, someone comes through the door. Usually a very tiny someone, who just wants to come in and say "mama potty" and "no-no potty" while pointing to his little potty on the floor. Really, I appreciate that he isn't ready to say adios to diapers. I however said so 25 years ago so I'm gonna go ahead and use the potty. I guess a properly locking bathroom door would solve this problem as well but that will have to wait until after the basement remodel finally gets finished sometime in the next decade this summer.

5. Fondue. I really really want fondue.

6. A baby girl. Oh wait, I'm already getting that!!

7. A tan. Again, I know this ain't happenin', but I could really use one. You could go blind from staring at my legs too long. Though, it's only a matter of weeks before shaving them becomes completely impossible so I guess it's a matter of what is more offensive; ass-white legs or hairy legs. Wow, pregnancy sure is sexy.

I of course what regular presents too; a new iTouch, a better digital camera, etc. But I can get those whenever, unless of course any of you are feeling generous this year, in which case send me a message and I'll happily send you my address as long as you promise not to stalk me. I know it'll be hard after that description of my legs.


Cinnamon said...

At least you are keeping your sense of humor through the whole preggo affair. I loved being pregnant, but since I didn't want to have bad luck the second time (because the first was sooooo perfect) I decided that I wouldn't do it anymore. Now sex is purely for recreational purposes and not procreational. Good luck to you. And unless you stopped wearing diapers at a VERY old age, you are a young lady and I wish you the very happiest of birthdays next week.


Chelsea C said...

YAY baby girL! And for #5... let's have a girls night and get dinner/apps or just dessert at La Fondue! yummmmmmm