Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Crayon. In the Dryer.

My oldest is 5 1/2 years old, and yesterday? I had my very first experience with "what the??? What is this? How did this?? WHO LEFT A RED CRAYON IN THEIR POCKET???" I discovered this, uh, problem, when I went to dry all of new baby's clothes for the first time. I am quite thankful that I noticed it beforehand or the people of China would be wondering what that noise that sounded like a woman sobbing was. I was not aware that crayon would melt all over my dryer, dying the entire thing red. I'm happy that I have been a mom this long without knowing such a fact, but I would be happier if I still didn't know it. I brought Bug downstairs to the laundry room, just to show him what happens when a crayon is left in one's pocket; I even prefaced this by telling him I didn't know whose pocket it was in so I wasn't going to punish him or his brother. Before I even got to the dryer Bug said to me, "oh yeah, that was probably me. I had them in my shirt pocket". Oh yeah, how lovely. I'll probably freak out when the crayon doesn't wash out of the dryer. But how could I punish him? He owned up to it, then he spent an hour cleaning the dryer since I'm too fat pregnant to do it myself. Next time, though, I'm throwing away all of the clothes rather than trying to get the crayon out of them. Take that, you honest and helpful little boy!

And yes, most of the crayon came out and none of it seems to have transferred onto the baby clothes, so I haven't had to do any screaming or sobbing.

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