Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mommy Time

This last weekend I got some well-deserved mommy time, with one of my closest friends/mom confidants who happens to also be my stepmom. We flitted off to NYC for the weekend, and while the trip was in no way relaxing, it was My stepmom used to live there so she knew her way around and it was my 1st time there so I had tons I wanted to see. We had to have walked 37 miles over the weekend and my hips are hurting like crazy (apparently I need to work out more!) but it was so worth it.

Now that I'm staying home with the kids I have less opportunities for adult interaction (the fact that I know very few adults here in VA isn't helping that much either). I really needed this, and my stepmom did too. It was a 6 hour train ride each way and that was about the only time I relaxed. We drank. We ate. We walked. We ate. We saw the sights. We ate. Everything we ate was amazing, especially the super cheap pizza. It's a good thing we walked so much or I'd be 15 lbs heavier. But I judge vacations by how much I laughed and how good the food was, so this little weekend jaunt is up there at the top of the list.

Things at home seemed to go off without a hitch which is always good when you are trying not to worry about things at home. There was one, ah, incident while I was gone that involved our 7YO and a whole lot o' puke. I believe the text said something along the lines of "there is puke everywhere. And when I say everywhere I mean fucking everywhere". I am so sorry that I missed that. I do love waking up at midnight to projectile vomit. Now, sometimes Charming Husband exaggerates a wee bit so I didn't expect it to be that bad, but after cleaning the carpet and repainting the wall in the bathroom I can tell you, there was puke fucking everywhere.

I'm going to try and get some pictures up. The 9/11 memorial was very moving and I got some good pics there. I might even post a video of me singing at a piano bar, but I'm probably going to need some coaxing for that ;). I'm so glad that I took this trip and we are already planning next years (this was the weekend between our birthdays, so it will happen the same time every year). I also really missed my smelly little tyrants so I was glad to be home too, even if I came home to puke.

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