Tuesday, November 26, 2013

And It's Only 9am

We are fresh off a short vacation to Colorado. My kids are exhausted. I’m feeling a little stabby. Everyone is driving me nuts. I have practically no food in the house so I ran to the store to grab a few essentials while both boys are in school and it’s just me and the little miss. One would think having just one of the kids would make this day easier. One. would. think. Instead, I have had a morning full of whining, and a little bit of whining, and then some more whining. Here is just a taste of why I’m considering uncorking some wine of my own, like, right now.

Little Miss: whine whine whine whine, SCREAM

Me: Would you like a banana for breakfast (since you asked for one 6 times in the car on the way home)?

LM: NO!!!!! {SOB}

Me: Would you like cereal (since you were screaming for that this morning)?


Me: Ok, how about potato chips (since you wouldn’t leave the store unless we bought some and I am too tired to fight it today)?

LM: {sob, sob} NO!! {sob, sob}

So Little Miss hasn’t eaten anything for breakfast. She is still crying even as I type this because she also does not want me to touch her, and I’m considering making this coffee Irish. Happy fucking Tuesday. Welcome home!

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