Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What You Do Behind Closed Doors…

Is none of my business. Because of all the recent events in gay marriage progression, the topic has been pretty hard to avoid. I've read a lot of opinions both for and against gay marriage in the last few weeks and I can't help but think about my own stance on the subject.

It is really amazing to me just how many people are so against gay marriage, so much so that they scream hate at others. I remember reading a post from someone who kept bringing up sex and how wrong homosexual sex was and how "A penis is only for a vagina and a vagina is only for a penis" or something like that (I don't remember who wrote it or on what blog so I am paraphrasing). He went on and on about how making gay marriage legal is soooo wrong because gay sex is soooo unnatural and not how it is supposed to be. I'm sure there are a lot of straight couples out there who have much freakier sex that gay couples, but no one seems to be trying to keep them from getting married. Now, I am straight so I guess maybe I am not a pro on the subject, but is gay marriage all about sex? So that would mean that straight marriage is all about sex too, right? To that I say, "This guy has clearly never been married!". I am married now, and I can tell you that if marriages survived on sex alone mine would have been over shortly after it started.

I've had a lot of people ask me about this subject, I guess because my mom is a lesbian I should have some profound insight on the subject. Someone once asked me if I thought it was weird to think that my mom has sex with a woman. Dude, my mom is in her 50s, and she is my mom, it is weird to think that she has sex at all. In fact, it isn't a hobby of mine to think about who people I know or don't know are having sex with, whether it be with a man, a woman, or a gorilla. I'm pretty focused on trying to keep my sex life alive between full time jobs, school, and raising kids. I don't consider that other people in the world actually have time for sex, so if you do and it happens to be with someone of the same sex, good for you. At least you are getting some.

Another big argument against gay marriage is that it is ruining the "Institute of Marriage". How, pray tell, is it doing that? Imagine this: A gay couple living together in Iowa has been together now for 3 decades. They have fought and fought for their right to be together. They have had the same ups and downs that every couple has had and they choose to stay together because they want to, not because they can and not because they have to. Suddenly, they are granted the right to be married to one another, and they are the first in line to tie the knot. Where do you see this couple 10 years from now? I see them taking walks together, cleaning the house together, watching movies together. Being together. So what has this gay couple done to the "Institution of Marriage"? They brought the divorce rate down.

My last thought on the subject is this: If the Catholic Church, or any other church for that matter, doesn't want to recognize gay marriage, who gives a fuck? No church recognizes my perfectly normal, socially acceptable, straight marriage either simply because I never asked one to. If you think that it is wrong to be gay or have a gay marriage the answer is simple. Don't be gay and don't marry someone of the same sex. What I do and what your neighbors do in no way effects you. Mind your business. In return, the rest of the world will ignore what you're preference happen to be. What you do behind closed doors is your own damn business.


Chelsea said...

YES I couldn't agree with you more!!!! Did you see the video I put on my blog? It is awesome:

and yeah... no marriage is about sex LOL. you stay single if you want sex hahahaha

Renee said...

Well written missy! Everyone has their "someone" and if they want to marry them and spend the rest of their lives together, who are we to judge?? Didn't we marry our "someone"? (well everyone but yours truly)...
Don't see the big deal myself, good blog topic (as always) :~D