Friday, April 3, 2009

Did Somebody Say Firemen?

No, seriously. What is it about firemen? I don't know a single woman who isn't at least a little bit intrigued by them. We all stop and stare when they walk by, and let's face it, we all secretly wish that our office will catch fire so we can have a little eye candy. Oooo! and maybe one will have to save us....

I took a little trip to the grocery store today to get some lunch, and when I pulled up I saw the firetruck. My 1st thought should have been, "hmmm, is everything ok?" but instead, what went through my head was, " oooo, firefighters, how do I look?". Yes, I reapplied my make before entering the store. I was there for a few minutes before I happened past them. You would think that I would be able to keep my cool and be discreet, but you would be so very wrong. I totally got caught- I did a full-body check out of one of them, and one of the other ones made eye contact with me. I grinned sheepishly and he gave me a little smirk that clearly said, "I totally saw that", and I had no choice but to walk away. After that, I was completely unable to focus. I wandered around the store for 15 more minutes, every once in a while passing those damn firefighters again. I went there for lunch, but what I realized when I got back to my car was that all I had managed to buy was a small cup of soup, an ice tea, a bottle of hot sauce (for the chicken fingers I forgot to buy), Tums, and fruit roll-ups. Not really a suitable lunch, but surprisingly satisfying.

But why do we do this? What is it about firemen that is so damn irresistible? Sure a lot of them would still be attractive if they weren't firemen, but a lot of them wouldn't, yet we still find those ones attractive. Men in uniform also seem like grown-ups, which is probably a nice change from the men in our lives who wear hoodies and Birkenstock's and blow things up in the back yard. I think for me it is a combination of many things. I am a sucker for cute boys anyway, so you put one in fire gear and I am bound to take notice. And firemen are so...manly. They are tough, and rugged, and so very burly. The fact that they drive a very large, very loud truck doesn't hurt either!

I wish I had more self control. I wish I could be in the same grocery store as a fireman and still be able to accomplish what I came to do. But I don't see this happening - ever. I am a woman, and it is in my genetic makeup to L-O-V-E firemen. So I will accept the fact that when I see one I turn from a confident woman into a giggling school girl. Fine by me.

...and for your enjoyment, courtesy of my dear friend Chelsea: You're welcome.

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