Monday, December 21, 2009

My Top 5

We've all got 'em, don't pretend like you don't. Thanks to the tv show "Friends" we all have a list of the 5 celebrities we get to sleep with if given the chance, and our significant other can't get mad. Now, I am not so stupid to think that my husband wouldn't be mad if I slept with a celebrity because he was, after all, on my list. And I know myself well enough to know that I would flip the eff out if my husband cashed in on any of his Top 5. But a girl can still dream, can't she? So here are my top 5 in no particular order. And maybe an alternate or 2. or 3. 

Justin Timberlake

Because I refuse to grow up. I loved in him when he was in NSYNC and I love him now. And on top of the fact that he is sexy and talented (for obvious reasons), it turns out he is also entertaining and absolutely hilarious. Dick in a box anyone? He is also now my favorite SNL host, ever! Don't believe me? Watch this. I dare you not to laugh.

Josh Turner                                             

 He is a country music star. Awesome deep, deep bass voice. Cowboy. Need I say more? Listen. Seriously. You'll thank me. He also seems to really love his lady, which is too bad for me but it makes him even more lovable. 

Troy Tulowitski

If you aren't from Colorado, or you aren't a baseball fan, then you probably have no idea who this is. But I am, and I do. I don't know why I heart him so much, but I do. He has this innocent-looking I'm-just-here-to-play-baseball look about him. I hardly think he is innocent, because let's face it, he is a professional athlete and we all know how THAT turns out (ahem, Tiger Woods). But I'm thinkin' I wouldn't mind being his mistress # 11.

George Clooney

Because I am a woman, and I am alive. He pretty much goes without saying.

And Mark Wahlberg

No explanation need. Yikes!

And just in case something happens to one of these guys, or I get the opportunity to cross one off the list ;) Here are a few alternates.

Vince Vaughn
Because he is hilarious.

James Franco
Because he is so darn cute

And the blonde surfer dude from TMZ
Turns out his name is Max Hodges. and I have no idea why I think he is so hot, but I do. 

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alexis said...

that is so funny that you have this list on your blog, too! it was very cathartic to write it out, although my husband now thinks i am officially insane. oh well.