Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Charming Husband Earns His Title

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day. In the past, my sons day care center has been open on MLK day, but apparently not this year. Of course, we did not make this discovery until 8:00 yesterday morning as I was leaving the house to take Bug to said day care. Awesome. Thankfully Charming Husband was able to take the rest of the day off to play with our son. I dropped Bug off with Charming Husband at his office so he could tie up so loose ends before leaving and then dropped off the Little Guy with the babysitter. Moments after I finally made it to work, Charming Husband showed up and my office, and took my car to get cleaned! An hour later, it was parked back in front of my office looking all shiny and pretty. He also picked up the Little Guy early, and when I came home at 7:00 from happy hour a work meeting, dinner was on the table. And it was a darn good meal too! So sometimes Charming Husband really is charming. He should just be a stay at home dad so this can happen every day!

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Susan Anderson said...

Man, that is charming!