Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Fragments

Have you ever listened to a man who was watching a sporting event? I mean, really listened? My husband was watching a football game last weekend, and even though he isn't all that into sports and didn't play football, he screamed at the TV like he was the coach. And his comments didn't even make sense! Well, to me anyway. And the number of f-bombs was off the charts. And if I had a dime for every time I heard, "what are you DOING?" I would be able to quit my job and move to Malibu.

Reason # 4658 that I love living in the city: My water bill was only $16. My dad's water bill up there in the middle of nowhere mountains is over $50 every month! I forgot to pay my bill for 3 months and it only set me back $45 when I went to pay it. We're saving money just by living in the city!

Last week I discovered that my beloved Signature Hot Chocolate from Starbucks has 600 calories, and now it is all I can think about. I've started to consider skipping dinner just so I have room for the calories. Wait, I'm breastfeeding, I need the extra calories, right? I'm certain that baby needs hot chocolate, after all, it was his fault that I fell victim to it in the 1st place because I couldn't justify all the caffeine in a latte whilst I was preggers. (Before all you nay-sayers start, I know there is also caffeine in hot chocolate but I have chosen to ignore that fact.) I really shouldn't deny him HIS right to Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate now, should I?

My brain is mush today. The little guy has started sleeping through the night, which is fantastic, but I still don't sleep through the night. I wake up at 5:30 in the morning going. "why the hell hasn't the baby woken up yet? OMG is he okay???"  Then of course when I realize that everything is okay, I fall back asleep just long enough to get into a deep sleep before my alarm goes off, and I am tired for the rest of the day. If it sounds like I am rambling it's because I am. And my ginormous cup of coffee didn't wake me up, it only made me jittery.

My custom sewing table that my dad built for me is almost done, and it will hopefully be at my house by the end of the weekend! So hopefully that means that dress #1 will be done (or at least in the works) by the end of the month! Except of course that I also start back to school on Monday so I have no idea when I am supposed to work on said dress between school, work, and that full-time job sometimes referred to as motherhood. But I will FIND time damnit!

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Stephanie said...

I used to do that wake up and wonder why the baby was still sleeping thing all the time with my first one. Now with my second I let her cry for a little bit to make sure she's serious about waking up. She usually is, unfortunately for my beauty sleep.

And if you STOP with the hot chocolate, don't be surprised if I call CPS because you will be NEGLECTING YOUR CHILD if you stop drinking it. You heard it from me first. I have given myself the authority to give you permission. You're welcome. ;)

April said...

I watch Sunday morning talk shows like guys watch football. It's not pretty, so I've laid off them since before the holidays. Amazing how much calmer our Sundays are now!

Happy FF!

Susan Anderson said...

LOL on waking p for the baby. I used to do that all the time wondering why she wasn't up. Good luck with school. I just finished my second masters and I'm taking a much deserved break.

Your water bill is that cheap? I live in the city and I pay close to $60 a month. Go figure.
Happy FF!

mub said...

I think using the welfare of your child is a perfectly acceptable excuse to keep drinking the hot chocolate ;)

Evansmom said...

Hot chocolate= Happy Mama

Happy Mama = Happy Baby

You have to keep drinking it. It is practically a requirement in the motherhood manual,

Susan Anderson said...

I gave you an award :P You can find it at:

Annie D said...

Thanks for all the encouragement guys! I'll be thinking of (and thanking!) all of you when I go to Starbucks for my hot chocolate later!