Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Ok, so I did my top 5 list, and I must have been asleep or drunk or something, because I forgot, FORGOT, Leonardo DiCaprio! How could I have forgotten him? We have been involved in a love affair for over a decade! So sorry, Josh Turner, you have been demoted to an alternate. I know, you can call me later and cry about it. Doesn't Leo (I can call him that because we're just that close) just look dapper?


That Kind of Girl said...

And he just gets hotter and hotter over the years because he's become such a phenomenal actor! I positively worshipped him in The Aviator (even though there were definitely other aspects of the movie that I was less crazy about...)

Susan Anderson said...

This is how I feel about Christian Bale. There was just something funny about Leo in marie Claire. If I find it I'll share it. Right now I'm too lazy. LOL

Annie D said...

he is SUCH a phenomenal actor! I've known that since he played Arnie in what's eating Gilbert Grape. I let Titanic slide because it was what catapulted him into the spotlight.

And Christian Bale is amazing too! I just watched Public Enemy, and he did a great job!