Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is it? Is It Just Me?

Sorry I skipped last week! I was busy freezing my ass of in Minnesota cascading across the Arctic Tundra. But now I am back, with lots of insightful thoughts. That's bullshit. I am back but my thoughts are hardly insightful!

Is it just me or does anyone else get irritated with their husband for "shushing" the baby? 3:00 in the morning and the baby wakes up, and Charming Husband starts in with the "shhh". Yeah. Like THAT is going to work. 1st of all, the baby can't hear you. And 2nd of all, what the baby wants is grub, and unless you have grown boobies that happen to lactate in the last 4 hours, you can't help him with that. Saying "shhh" is just to make yourself feel better, but it pisses me off. It's annoying. So, Charming Husband, why don't you "SHHHH"!

Is it just me or is anyone else unusually happy that the stupid holidays are over? No more Target war-zones, no more tinsel, no more roasting turkey, no more Christmas music, no more holiday politics. Just regular old Friday nights with pizza and a movie and no guests. Thank glad I've got a whole year until I have to endure the torture again!

Is it just me or does anyone else get a slight sense of satisfaction when there are kids screaming and crying on the plain, and your own children are sitting quietly looking out the window? Even the baby wasn't THAT baby on the plane that everyone complains about and talks about when people ask how their flight was. I'm so very proud of my kids :)

Is it just me or is anyone else a little relieved that they were not a celebrity in 2009? If they didn't die from an awful and debilitating disease, they died suddenly though they seemed perfectly healthy, or were murdered/thrown from the back of a moving truck by a crazy mistress/fiancee, or they were (allegedly) drugged by their doctor. Those celebs who were lucky enough to live through the entire year were fired, dumped, cheated on, or outed as the decade's most unfaithful husband (I'm looking at you Tiger!). Seriously, 2009 was a good year to be a regular old, middle class, white collar suburbanite.


Putz said...

oh i left a comment on your other blog{this is me harmless}and thought you were cute, not quite as outspocken as de alger, but since this has a january post and not an october 30 post, i am sure this is the one you are reading and writing on not the other one, you may find me hard to follow

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I love your list. And I will forgive your "happy that the holidays are over" attitude. Cuz the holidays rock...every crazy turkey, tinsel and Target moment of them!! :)


Evansmom said...

I so get the "well behaved kid" comment. Great list!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Stephanie said...

It's not just you. I'm SO glad the holidays are over. SO. GLAD.

Susan Anderson said...

2009 was a great year to be an average Joe. Your kids were quiet on a plane? That's not fair, LOL, I nearly choked from laughter when you shushed your husband. Soo funny! Also, I'm very happy the holidays are done. Bah Humbug!

I'm up too :)

That Kind of Girl said...

Dude, I generally just can't stand shushing in general! Even not directed toward babies. Especially when I'm gearing up for a good hard cry and the person I'm confiding in starts stroking my shoulder and shushing me. Let me get it out, man!