Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Fragments!

This weeks edition of Friday Fragments:
Mommy's Idea
I got a tetanus shot 4 weeks ago and I still have a little lump in my arm! The 1st weekend after I got it, my arm went limp and was COMPLETELY useless. Is that normal? It's a damn good thing those are only required every 10 years, otherwise I would never get another one. You try feeding/changing/coddling an infant and making dinner/folding laundry and carrying a 4 year old to bed when you have no feeling in your right arm. It is NOT easy. Note to self: 10 years from now, get the shot in your LEFT arm ya' dumbass!

Captain Phil Harris from the Deadliest Catch passed away this week after suffering from a stroke, and I am so sad! I love that show! I love the Cornelia Marie (that's his fishing boat)! He was definitely one of my favorites, and for some reason I am incredibly attracted to his sons. Don't ask. Anyway, Captain Phil, the Discovery Channel will not be the same without you.

My pants are too big. Way too big. Pre-preggo pants are way to big. Which can really only mean 1 thing, right? I'm one size closer to being a MILF. Or something like that.

I love new hair! I just got my hair done on Saturday, and I am headed back to blonde! I loved the red, I really did, and revenge is soooo sweet (read my 1st ever blog post here for why my hair was red in the 1st place) but blonde is even sweeter than revenge. I'd post a picture but I didn't wash my hair this morning, and I have a rule about not posting unflattering pictures of myself.


Susan said...

Damn, I wish I was one size closer to being a Milf. I just started exercising again, but I think it'll be a while, LOL. Blondes always have more fun. And yeah, next time get the shot in your right arm you dumba$$, LOL. Have a great Friday!

Anonymous said...

It's my goal to get a killer bod and have other's hate me too!
Have a good weekend!

Miss Fanny said...

Visiting you from Friday Follow. Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Blogging!

Jessica said...

MILF .. I think I want to be PILAF, it's tastier. ;)

I'm so bummed over Cpn. Phil too. :( Of all of them he was my favorite. The show won't be the same.

.... speaking of which, I need to get the hair done too.

Coffee Slut said...

I found you on Friday Follow and I just love your blog!
Hope you have a great weekend!

EL said...

Your blog is so cute, Im a semi new follower and left you something over on my blog! Have a good weekend and enjoy your new hair lol!

Jen said...

you make me LOL!!