Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Me! I Mean Us. Sort of.

2 years ago yesterday I was frantic trying to get all of the last minute details together for my wedding. I mean our wedding. There was the rehearsal dinner, arranging bouquets, schedules to go over, and death threats stern talking to the groomsmen by myself about how Future Charming Husband better get there. on time. and sober. At least until the "I do"s. Yes, 2 years ago yesterday was my last day as a bachelorette.

2 years ago today, however, I was nursing one hell of a hangover. The hangover from my wedding. I mean our wedding. Confused yet? Charming Husband and I were married on Leap Day, February 29, 2008. Our anniversary doesn't exist this year. Some people joke that it will take 4 times as long to get the 7-year itch, some people (mostly women) think it is just crazy that I would choose a day that I don't get to celebrate every year. For me, it is a day that I don't have to share with anyone other than my husband. We won't run into a lot of people that share the same anniversary. It is so rare, in fact, that the morning of my our wedding 2 years ago the local newspaper ran a story about us. When asked why the 29th, Charming Husband replied, "It's easy to remember". Yes, it is, and now he has no excuse to forget it! While I love the chance to celebrate our marriage, I think our anniversary would lose it's luster if it came every year. We are busy people with a lot of things going on, and a lot of things to celebrate. February seems to be an eventful month for our family; our oldest son's birthday, new jobs, promotions, etc so it would be unfair to ignore all of those things just so we can celebrate something that we already enjoy all year long. Instead, we keep it low key. We go to dinner (this year we brought both boys even), we rent a movie, we drink wine. When 2012 rolls around, we will splurge. We'll get a babysitter, a room at the Ritz (where we spent our wedding night), expensive champagne, and reservations at a swanky restaurant. We'll even have a bed to ourselves. We can afford to splurge every 4 years, and it will be that much more special when we do.

I love you, Charming Husband (even though you will never read this :) ) and I look forward to the day that we get to celebrate our "1 year" anniversary 2 years from now. And I look forward to having a bed to ourselves!


B Sparkly said...

Congratulation! to you both:) hope you still get a gift no matter what date is.

Susan said...

I like your style. The love you two share is real and perfect. What a story :)

EL said...

So can I say happy anniversay? lol thats such a cool date!