Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's Possible That I Am Losing My Mind

If I haven't lost it already, that is. As you all know, because you better have lovingly read my last post, my boys, my sister, and I are in Kansas visiting family that we just don't get to see enough. Today we had our hair done by our cousin who is in beauty school, and it looks AHmazing! (Partly because I always look and amazing and partly because she is really damn good at doing hair, but probably mostly because I look amazing. I'll post a picture at some point. I'm sure you'll be waiting with bated breath). Oh, and my sister's hair looks AHmazing as well. I might bribe my cousin to give the boys haircuts tomorrow, because you can't call yourself a professional until you've cut the hair of a screaming, wiggling, all-to-interested-in-the-buzzing-noise 10-month old. I promise I won't hold it against her if she nips his ear. Well, I might hold it against her a little, because you also can't call yourself a professional until you've been bitched out by a crazy lady with a bleeding, crying baby. The boys even did unbelievably well on the trip here. Limited noise out the little guy and no (none, zero, zilch) whining out of Bug. I think we broke a record for number of hours melt-down free.

Here is the part that makes me wonder about my sanity. As we drove 9 hours across the eastern plains of Colorado and through 97% of the state of Kansas, I thought to myself SEVERAL times, "wow, Kansas is kinda pretty". WTF right? Kansas? Pretty? Those words do not belong in the same sentance, unless of course the sentance is "Kansas is pretty boring" or "people from Kansas are pretty weird". I have made this drive many a time and I have never once considered Kansas to be anything other than the state that is just a tad less ugly than Nebraska, but as we were coming through this time, there were green fields and blue skies and hills! Did you know they have hills in Kansas?? They aren't nearly as interesting as "The Hills" on MTV but I'm 98.6% sure that the hills in Kansas don't have any STDs so they are probably better off than the ones on MTV. I tried to get a picture of the green and the hills and the prettyness but the car was moving too fast. I swear I'll try to get one on the way home, assuming I am awake. I wish I could take a picture of what sticky, hot, thick humidity looked like, because then you would be insanely jealous of my "vacation". Seriously though, this place is miserable outside of a/c.


Gucci Mama said...

Definitely waiting with bated breath to see the new hair.

Christy said...

Yes, Kansas is horrible in the summer with the humidity. But it can be pretty from the inside of an air conditioned vehicle. LOL