Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Road Trip!!

I wish I was telling you all that my girlfriends and I were jumping in the car and driving to Vegas, but sadly, this is not the kind of road trip that leads to copious amounts of alcohol and good times. No, my sister and I are packing up the boys and driving 9 hours across Kansas. I'll wait while you get your jealousy under control.

Jealousy contained? Great. My grandma (the one I have mentioned in previous posts, the one who is cooler than your grandma) lives in Kansas City, and it's about time for us to get out there and see her. 2 small boys who hate the car and 2 grown girls that used to do road trips but don't anymore; I somehow doubt this will go on the books as one of the great road trips of all time. Side note, Charming Husband got out of this trek because he has to "work" or something. Shenanigans. $20 says he leaves work early and downs a case of beer before we even make it to the Colorado border. Lucky son of a bitch.

Anywho, I am going to do everything I can to make sure that a) Bug enjoys himself and more importantly b) doesn't drive me to drink, 3. the little guy sleeps as long as possible and cries as little as possible, I am not above using Benadryl. I kid, I kid. and d) all 4 of us make it there and back with little to no pain. We shall see. I'll probably be keeping everyone up to date on our travel progress through Twitter, so if you don't follow me yet you should, because I am positive you all are DYING to see pictures of sleeping boys, annoyed sisters, and corn fields. Follow me @annied84. Do it. now. Wish me luck!!

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