Friday, July 2, 2010

Sometimes, Thou SHALL Judge

*Reminder - this is post # 2 of my foul-mouthed and angry tangent. Don't remember? Read this. And then read post # 1 here. *

I try REALLY hard not to judge other moms. Really, I do. I've been judged on my mothering style A LOT it is fucking obnoxious. I've learned that what other parents do doesn't affect me so I've stopped wasting my time caring about it. Don't want to breastfeed? Cool, I'm not your kid, it's not my problem. Want to eat all organic? Cool, you can afford it, knock your socks off. Don't believe in discipline? Cool, you're kid isn't coming to my house, but it doesn't matter. It's your life, parent as you see fit.

That being said, I have found myself judging a few parents lately because I just couldn't help it. Read these stories, and tell me you didn't judge. I won't believe you.

I was driving through a very busy intersection the other night at around 5:30pm, which is smack dab in the middle of the rush hour. The light was green and several cars had already gone through it so I was up average city speed, 30 MPH or so. Right as I headed through the light, this mom, and I use that term lightly, and her little boy who was maybe 4, were walking towards the intersection. The "mom" was jabbering away on her phone and the kid starts to head into the intersection, in front of MY car. The "mom" grabs the kids shirt, but naturally stays on the phone. As most 4-year-olds would respond, the kids rips her hand off of him and starts to run. in front of MY car. She HIT him. FULL ON SMACKED her child across the face because he didn't listen, and never ONCE got of the fucking phone. She never said a word to him. She barely even looked at him. She just continued to talk on her goddamn phone! Is the person on the other end of the line more important that your CHILD??? Is the phone itself more important than your child? It's a fucking phone call! Call them back! Now, don't get me wrong, I know how kids sometimes don't listen no matter how hard you try, and I am not against spanking your kids when necessary, but seriously. How do you expect your kid to learn why it is bad to run out into traffic if you don't use your words like a big girl and tell him? If that were me, and my kid started to run out into traffic, I'd drop the fucking phone and grab him, tell him to stop, and then follow it up with reasons why he shouldn't run into traffic and reasons why he needs to listen to me. There would be a punishment for sure, but I wouldn't smack him across the face and call it a day. A phone is replaceable. My child is not.

So I judged that "mom". And it really would have put a damper on my weekend if I would've hit that fucking kid.

And then there are the people in this article. Now, the article here doesn't give a whole lot of information, but the gist is that these parents, and again I use that term lightly, in Texas (only in Texas!) let their child play with a bong that had pot it in. Now, what the story leaves out is whether or not the bong had already been lit, or if the pot in it had already been smoked and was just resin, or if it was fresh pot, in which case I would call it irresponsible because that shit could've fallen out and then you're just wasting good pot. Who knows really, but the part about this article that I cannot fathom is the other couple that is referenced. Apparently, some family in Indonesia has a cigarette smoking 2 year old. He started when he was 18 months old and now smokes 40 a day, 40 A DAY!!! What the FUCK kind of parents allow their TODDLERS to fucking smoke?? My kids will never, I repeat NEVER, be allowed to smoke in my home, and if I found out they are doing it outside of my home shit's gonna hit the fan! But a 2 year-old?? Isn't that child abuse? Those are the kind of people who should NOT be parents. And yeah, I judged those "parents" too.

*This was edited to include this link to the Huffington Post article on this boy. There is a video. Seriously. what.the.fuck?


Christy said...

I think all I can say is, Wow! Smacking your kid in public after you let him down is grounds for child abuse if you ask me. There is a reason that some people should be sterilized. Oh did I say that out loud? We won't even discuss the 2 yr old that smokes. I saw that one too. There are no words for that one.

tbjenkins07 said...

well said

Artsy Mom said...

I try not to judge either because I've been judged and I fucking hate it. Though I've seen parents like taht who don't give two fucking shits about their kids and it pisses me off. It makes me want to hunt them down and beat the shit out of them. I saw a parent the other day at Toys R Us who smacked their kid across the face numerous times. I told a security guard at the front of the store and he said, "It's not my problem ma'am. It's her way of discipline." First of all, I'm 25, don't fucking call me ma'am and secondly, it's fucking child abuse!!!

Visiting you from Fucked Up Friday Follow, bitch! :)

Crazy Brunette said...

Hell, I judge everybody... all the time... over anything!

I can't even believe the smoking two year old...

How does he light the cigarette? I mean really...