Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reason # 49,675 That I Hate the PTC

If there is one activist group I hate more than PETA it's The Parent's Television Council (the PTC). Ok, I still probably hate PETA more but the PTC is a close 2nd. Anyway, they are once again all up in arms about a stupid TV show. The show is modeled after the blog/book "Shit My Dad Says" which by the way I follow and it is HI-larious. The title of the show is "*$^% My Dad Says" or something like that, and naturally the PTC is raising a stink because they have nothing better to do, like raise their children for instance. They would rather fight TV stations and argue over an insignificant word that their children might hear on TV than actually, you know, PARENT their children and just not allow them to watch that station. Here is the entire article. There is really nothing new or interesting from the PTC, they are just as buttoned up and annoying as always. 1st of all, the network isn't even using the word "shit" they are using symbols. 2nd of all, the word is "SHIT". It has absolutely no meaning other than shit. There is no reason to get offended. 3rd of all, shit is an awesome word. I use it daily. My children will probably use it daily at some point in their life as well and that is fine by me. It is just a word. And even if the network had wanted to use the word "fuck" in the title, I don't give a shit! (See what I did there? I used shit in a sentence because it's awesome). They are just words, and if they offend you than you need to learn to not take offense to things that are not being used directly at you.

If I want to watch TV shows with sex and violence and profanity, then back the hell off me. If I don't want my kids to see that stuff then I will do whatever it takes so that they don't see it. Most good shows come on after bedtime anyway, it isn't like they are trying to air this show Saturday morning between Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Phineas and Ferb. It is a prime-time show, meaning it will be aired at night. If it happens to be on during your kids awake hours, turn off the goddamn TV! The world does not revolve around YOUR kids. We need to quit making it easier for lousy parents to continue to ignore their children. Other people are adults who might not have kids and the deserve to see entertaining television that contains adult content. I don't really mind my kids seeing certain adult shows. Yes, Bug has picked up on things he shouldn't have, because we might have let him watch the Family Guy, and he might have dropped a "giggity" or two. Complete with full body thrust. But, um... parenting is a learned process. Bug no longer watches the Family Guy. I'm not blaming Fox for airing the show or Seth McFarlane for creating it. WE let him watch it. WE ultimately decided he shouldn't watch it anymore. But when he is older and can understand what is going on and know what things are just for entertainment value he can watch shows like that. He watches things with us, and when he asks about things that happen we explain it in the simplest terms possible. He knows all the bad words, but he doesn't use them because he knows they are grown up words. And when he is a grown up he can use whatever words he damn-well pleases. And he doesn't know those words from any TV show he has ever watched. He learned from me us. Is some parenting group going to come to my house now and tell me I can't swear because my child will pick it up and then take it school and his classmates will learn it and then the world will explode? It's "shit". It isn't the apocalypse. Calm the fuck down.


Anonymous said...

They should just suck shit through a straw and call it a day.

Donda said...

I am with you on the shit thing.

You can get shit-faced,
Be shit out of luck, or have shit for brains.

With a little effort, you can get your shit together,
Find a place for your shit,
Or be asked to shit or get off the pot.

You can smoke shit, snort shit, slam shit ,buy shit,
sell shit, push shit lose shit, find shit, forget shit .
and tell others to eat shit ,and die

Some people know their shit, while others can't tell the difference
between Shit and Shineola. And just talk a bunch of shit !

Many just like to shoot the shit too !

Anonymous said...

Ugh! I heard about this the other day, the morning news did a special and talked about the creator, and who is going to be in the show. Then they delved into the whole "shouldn't be on TV" thing. It's so stupid that agencys and organizations think they need to "parent" for parents. Maybe if they'd stop this nonsense, more parents would step up and do the right thing, or people who shouldn't have kids won't because they will realize they have to take responsibility. Ekk Sorry if I rambled!