Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm Back (for now) and 30 Days of Truth

I took a little unplanned hiatus from blogging, thanks in large part to being back in school and having a demanding job/family/life. So I missed a couple of my weekly posts. I am hoping to get back into the swing of things, but really, I make no guarantees.T here are a few new memes out there in the blogging world that I am really going to try and play along with this week. So hopefully that will satisfy your cravings for rational craziness. I will give you this now though; it is the 5th topic for the 30 Days of Truth that is actually going to take me several months to finish. This week's topic is "Something you hope you never have to do."

I immediately thought of horrible and sad things that I hope I never have to do, and I'm sure that I am not being original when I say that I hope I never have to bury a child. Just typing that makes me want to throw up.

I don't like sad and horrible, so I am also going to say that I hope I never have to fight off a grizzly bear. They are big and mean, and I might break a nail. And that shit is a pain in the ass to fix.

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