Thursday, September 9, 2010

Seriously? Does This Even Need to be Said Outloud?

By now everyone has heard of the planned burning Koran or Quran, or however you prefer to spell it, in Florida this weekend. If you haven't heard of it, please give me directions to the rock you so blissfully live under so I can join you. Now, I believe in freedom of religion and freedom of speech and all that good stuff, and the man leading this event certainly possesses those freedoms, but I'm thinking it's a bad idea to exercise his 1st amendment rights in this manner.

1st of all, a book burning? What is it 1953? Who burns books anymore? Who BUYS books anymore? Maybe we should together later and burns some bras just for the hell of it. Because apparently it's National Useless Acts of Protest Week.

2nd of all, if you want to believe that all Muslims are extremist who believe in the demise of America, it is your right to do so. You're wrong, but that's your right. But what this man, and I use that term lightly, doesn't see is that he is doing so much more harm than good. He is putting his fellow Americans who are oversees in jeopardy. He is teaching so much hate that I'm half expecting those whack-jobs from the Westboro Baptist Church to show up and join in. And he is going to seriously piss off the terrorists. I'm not saying we should pussy-foot around and not piss off those horrible people, but this is just asking for another attack. And for what? What exactly does he expect to accomplish?

I understand that this man and his church are angry. Every American should be angry. There are extremists who burn the Bible and the American flag, and they film for us to see. They are trying to piss us off, and by reacting in this way we are only offering them vindication; a reason to inflict their rage on our country once again. Sometimes you just can't fight fire with, um, well, fire. The war on terror has been a constant battle for the last 9 years, and this will be a step back. What is most unfortunate is that most people in this country understand the difference between Muslims and terrorists, much like we understand the difference between Christians and this Florida guy or the Westboro Baptist Church, but the people this message is aimed at aren't going to see that. They are going to hate every American equally as though we all supported this non-sense. Clearly we do not all support this. This public display of insanity is going to hurt the morale of this already torn country. Thanks a fucking lot dude down in Florida. Way to be a team player.

Oh, and by the way, several news outlets keep pointing out that Angelina Jolie has publicly denounced this whole thing (as if that was some sort of shock). Quite frankly, that doesn't make me any more inclined to denounce it as well. In fact, if I didn't think it was such a colossal mistake, I'd probably support it just to smite Angelina Jolie. But I'll save my smite for a different topic on a different day.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Very well put.

Gucci Mama said...

"I'd probably support it just to smite Angelina Jolie..." Bwahahahahaha! I hate that monkey face bitch!

I totally agree with you here. I think the whole thing is vile. Just like the mosque at ground zero, just because someone technically has the right to do something doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. How about exercising some decent judgment and good taste?

Ruby said...

I agree... for the most part:

Biggots suck. Hate is an awful thing to preach by anyone; Xians, Muslims, wtfever.

I am disgusted & annoyed that Americans behave this way & religious extremism wins again!

On the other hand, Rev. Bigot Q. Assshole is playing the same "games" as the small population of Muslim "extremists," e.g. bible burning, flag burning, hate preaching. He is the Xian version of the polar end of all cults, err, religions.

Christy said...

I have a problem with his feeding the fire attitude. The faction that already hates us will only have more to hate us for. They do not separate us. We are ALL Americans and they are convinced we all think alike. It will only cause more problems for those Americans living abroad. (And I agree with you about Angelina Jolie. Did you see the interview with Larry King? Not very well spoken.)

Ty said...

First of all.... I hate religious extremists. One thing I learned from 9/11- to become an athiest.. Because all religions have bad people disguised as religious figures. And good people come in all forms

Ur right... Who the fuck burns books? That's ridicules!

America is about the freedom of religion and free from persecution... Wtf are we teaching here? "We hate you because you don't know how to be ___(insert religion here)

I hate to see any religion as a whole being ridiculed by a group of people.

It makes me sick

Nana Poppins said...

I agree with your post. I was looking for a rock to live under last week and couldn’t find one big enough!
Found you on Bloggy Moms Directory… wanted to pop in and say hello.

Nana Poppins {Patty}

Heather said...

Well said!! I am a Chrstian and I think burning the Koran is just going to stir up controversy. America is founded under freedom of Religion, seperation from church and state and while it may hurt people's feelings that a muslim church is being built near ground zero, America can not discriminate against any one religion....its just the way it is, whether people like it or not.

Following you from A Joy of Giving Birth.

Hope you visit and follow back!

Heather from Mommy Only Has Two Hands!

Cass said...

It's embarrassing. All of it.

Annie D said...

well it would appear that the great reverend has called off his book burning. I bet he read my post and realized what an idiot he was :)

Thanks everyone for reading and commenting! And agreeing with me, I love when people agree with me!