Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankfulness, or Something Like That

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am going to play along and give you all my "What I am Thankful For" crap. There is nothing I hate more on Thanksgiving than having to go around the table and tell everyone what I'm thankful for. 1st of all, it's pretty obvious that I'm thankful for my beautiful kids, great job, handsome husband, blah, blah, blah. I've never come up with anything more exciting and I'm never going to. 2nd of all, I couldn't give a rats ass about what everyone else is thankful for. Unless of course they are thankful for me, and my stunning beauty and winning personality, in which case, thank away. So I am telling all you here about what I am REALLY thankful for this year.

Not traveling: Um, duh. We were going to go to MN to see my husband's dad and fam but we decided to go to Costa Rica with them in March instead. Costa Rica in March or MN in the dead of winter? It was a tough call but I think we made the right decision. Although, I would love to have Thanksgiving dinner with them, I just can't bear the thought of it being 12 degrees outside. But most importantly? The thought of dealing with all of the other idiot travelers this holiday makes me stabby. And if I got stuck behind one of those assholes boycotting the screening process of the TSA I'd throw a 26-year-old sized hissy fit. And that, my friends, is not pretty.  I have a whole rant on the TSA boycott topic too, but since this is a Thanksgiving post, I'll save that rant for another day.

No Black Friday for Moi: Again, duh. I do not, DO NOT, shop on Black Friday. I hate the mall on a normal shopping day, I hate people, I hate bargain shopping, and I am the opposite of a morning person. Nothing about Black Friday is appealing. And most of the stores are having equally as wonderful deals online, which is a much better option for me. I get to spend ridiculous amounts of money and crap I don't need, whilst avoiding the general, and psychotic, public. And all from the comfort of my underwear own home. Win-win.

Pumpkin Soup: My best friend's dad is an amazing chef, and he makes an unbelievable pumpkin soup. I've been craving it since last Thanksgiving and word on the street is he is making again this year.  I always make an appearance at their house, but this year I might just sneak in, steal the soup, and be on my way. Mmmm soup.

Dinner with my family: This year, we aren't doing the tour. We are popping in at my best friend's house (for the aforementioned soup) which is blocks from my dad's house, and we might do dessert at another family member's house, but We are not going to every single parent's house. We have a lot of parents, and most of them are here, and all of them always want to see us on every holiday. But this year I we decided to have a stress-free holiday season, so we are only guarantying our presence at 1 home, and that home just happens to be the one I grew up in. There is no stress, no expectations, no fake "happy you showed up" hugs. It is full of love, good food, happy people, and wine.

and MOST importantly...
All of you who continue to show up and read my blog, even when I completely forget that it exists and I don't post for weeks on end. Much love to you guys!! HAPPY TURKEY DAY!

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