Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Officially Waddle. Yay For Pregnancy

I tried very hard in past pregnancies to not succumb to the pregnant lady waddle. At 41 weeks pregnant with Bug I strutted my cute little ass right on into the delivery room. With the little guy I made it to the 37 week mark, 2 weeks before he was born, before my hips gave in. Even then, it was a mild version of the waddle. Today, at 29 weeks or so with baby girl I left the office to go to lunch. And I waddled all the way to my car. My hips hurt. My legs hurt. Everything in between hurts. Wanna know what doesn't hurt? Waddling. I'm there. I'm fat and I waddle and I couldn't be happier about it.


Eschelle said...

the preggy waddle is super comfy lol!

Anonymous said...

This post is so timely. I am 27 weeks exactly and noticed my waddle in the reflection of a department window yesterday. Glad I'm not alone.

Ashley Sloan said...

Oh...I think pregnant woman are so cute! Embrace the waddle if it feels better heh. I am from Colorado too :) Found you on Bloggy moms...!!!

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