Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stop The Presses: Sarah Palin Sent an Email!

Seriously, what the eff is up with all of the coverage of the impending release of emails sent by Sarah Palin? 1st of all, there are actual problems in this country right now, does anyone really give a shit about what the former governor of Alaska sent to her employees? She is the former governor of Alaska. She isn't currently in office, and it isn't like there is a lot going on in Alaska anyway. And is any of this information even important? Unless she was sending emails about embezzling money or sleeping with Dick Cheney (which, lets face it, she may be stupid but she is way too hot for him) I DON'T CARE! In fact, here is a list of things I care more about than Sarah Palin's emails:

Pepsi Next
Post-it pop-up notes
The failed "rapture"
The 2011 Prius

I am so tired of political scandals, even the really good ones. We get it, politicians are sleazy liars who just out to better themselves. The only difference between them and the guy down the street is that they are in the spotlight. And Anthony Weiner? The best part of this scandal is that his last name is Weiner. You couldn't make up a better name. I'm not his wife, so the fact that he sent a picture of himself in his boxers is none of my business. I also don't care that he lied about it, for like, a whole week. Clinton's been lying about his own infidelity for 2 decades. Find me a married man that would own up to this immediately, I dare you. I don't even know who Anthony Weiner is. Is he a senator or a congressman? Where is he from? Oh that's right, I don't care. Instead of focusing on the extra-curricular activities of politicians, why don't we try focusing on their voting history, or maybe their successes or failures while in office? Why don't we hold them accountable for ruining our great country instead of holding them accountable for cheating on their wives?

You know what would make a really great and shocking news story? If someone in Washington solved a problem. That, I would tune in for.

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