Monday, August 22, 2011

Not a Baby Anymore

Today was Bug's 1st day of kindergarten. Naturally, we were a few minutes late because being on time is something I am not capable of apparently. Since we didn't get there in time, I only have the 1 picture I took at home, and none of the whole group of little 5-year-olds in their uniforms lined up outside like I had planned. He was so proud of how he looked in his khaki shorts and polo shirt, I love that he doesn't hate his uniform, I would have for sure.

Today was pretty hard for me. After I got him into his class I had to take his diabetes gear into the office and explain some things to the lady in there. It wasn't until I got back to my car that it really hit me; I have a school-aged kid. Who was once my baby is now my big kid, my oldest child, the big brother; the kindergartner. I love seeing him grow up but I miss the days when he was just a snuggly little pumpkin who slept all day and didn't talk back. I dread the day he is too cool for me, and I'm afraid that moment is rapidly approaching. When I got out of the car to walk him in he said to me, "can't I just walk in by myself?" Uh, absofreakinglutely not! Someday yes, today? No way in hell. Today I am walking you in and giving a big hug and kiss and you are going to like it, damnit!

I lost it as soon as I got in my car. And then I couldn't stop. When I finally did stop I called my mom thinking I had recovered, but not so much. As soon as she answered the water works started again. I'm doing ok now, but wow, that was ridiculously hard! Good thing there is only one 1st day of kindergarten for each kid or I'd never make it out alive.

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