Thursday, February 2, 2012

Catholic School Probably Wasn't Prepared For Us

As I have mentioned before, we decide last May that we would send Bug to Catholic school. We knew it would be a bit of a culture shock for him, and a pain in the ass for us, but the school really had no idea what it was getting itself into when they let us enroll. Bug is a smart kid, sometimes too much so for his own good. He has spent the majority of his almost 6 years of life hanging out with adults and he has developed a, let's call it mature, sense of humor. He converses with kindergarteners like he does with daddy's buddies and they don't quite seem to understand him. His teachers don't quite appreciate it either. I guess I failed to mention what catholic school actually meant, because the very 1st thing Bug said when I picked him up after his 1st day was "there's a lot of God and Jesus stuff at my school". Oh, oops. Did I not tell you about that? He was also very disappointed at how boring mass was. I probably could have warned him that it isnt like the church he go goes to with Pa. my bad. I don't think Bug's teachers appreciate that he thinks Jesus' last name is Price. Or that I tried to convince him that "Howard" be thy name when he was learning the Lord's prayer. Or that I keep him home every time they pray to the rosary (whatever the hell THAT is). It probably didn't go over too well that the reason we aren't catholic is because it costs too much money. At least I didn't tell him it was because Catholicism is a bunch of bullshit, not yet anyway. I am certain his 65 year old teacher was less than impressed when Bug told her that "some chick kicked him in the balls". Trust me, that one could have been a lot worse. He finally landed himself in timeout when another kid wrote a letter incorrectly and Bug called him a failure. I guess we are just as shocking to catholic school as it is to us. I hope we at least make it to 2nd grade before he drops an f-bomb, but I'm not counting on it.

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