Monday, January 13, 2014

Working Mom

So, I did it. One month ago I went back to work. I’ve known for sometime now that I needed to, and wanted to, for my own sanity. Being able to stay home with my kids has been an amazing blessing, but I am a better mom when I am working, so it was time. It’s just a part-time job, and it isn’t in my desired field of HR, but it’s 5 minutes from my kids’ schools and it pays well and it’s easy so here I am.

I’ve had some second thoughts. On my 2nd day when I went to drop off my little ones at daycare and my 2 year old completely lost it and screamed for me like she was seriously injured and I cried all the way to work, I thought to myself, "why the hell am I doing this?". But today when I dropped her off after almost 2 whole weeks of no school (because the daycare center CLOSES COMPLETELY! WTF?) she walked in, saw her buddy, and started playing. It was amazing, and it makes going to work so much easier to know that my baby isn’t sitting at school screaming and hating me.

So now I’m here; sitting at work blogging diligently working. I miss my kids like crazy, but at least I’m getting paid to be away, right? This transition would be easier if I was actually doing what I want, but oh well. My middle child starts kindergarten in August (WHAT.THE. EFF.) and I will consider going full-time then, and full-time in my desired field. Until then, I will take to opprtunity to really blog more learn new skills and get back in the working game.

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C.D. Verhoff said...

I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe. I am happy to connect with you!