Monday, January 5, 2009

Maturity is For Grandmothers and Priests

And I am not either of those things. Therefore I am not a mature adult. But you know what? I am totally OK with that. I have fun, I laugh at stupid things, I don't take anything seriously, and let little things slide. Laughter adds years to your life and at this rate, I will live to be 219.

I know that people look at me and my friends like we are childish and immature but in realty they are just jealous of the fact that they don't know how to have fun. There is nothing wrong with having a good laugh. Just because I am no longer a 12 year old girl doesn't mean I shouldn't ever be giddy or slap happy. I am a much happier person both at work and in life now that I have realized that it is ok to be foolish. I enjoy making a fool of myself and it takes much more to embarrass me. I used to be so shy that people thought that I must be a big bitch, but now I am approachable because most of the time I am laughing. Would you rather be friends with someone who is stuck up and too good for everyone or someone that laughs and jokes around and occasionally makes a big ass of herself? The latter sounds more fun if you ask me.

I am capable of being a grown up when it is absolutely necessary, but why would I do it when it isn't necessary? Grown-ups are boring and out of touch, and I hope I am never either of those things. I came into work yesterday with a ton of makeup covering what looked like a black eye. No my husband didn't hit me. I got a 3-year-old hard-as-stone skull to the cheek because my son and I were wrestling. Mature grown-ups don't wrestle on the floor with their kids. Thank God I am not one of those. My son will never complain about how boring his mother is, maybe how much she embarrasses him, but certainly not how boring she is. The longer I hold off growing up, the longer I will be young at heart. Go ahead, call me childish and immature. Tell me something I don't know.


Casey said...

I completely agree. At the rate I am going i will never grow up and I am not sorry for it!

Chelsea said...
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Chelsea said...

Maturity is knowing when to be immature.

even GRANDMAS have fun from time to time!! LOL I can't wait to have immature fun with you this weekend :)

"It's not about the nights we don't remember, but the friends we can't forget!"