Monday, February 2, 2009

If you thought I was Crazy Before....

....Then you are not prepared for what the future holds. All women are at least a little bit crazy, we've established that, but the winners of the crazy award are the women who are about to bring new little babies into the world. Nothing is crazier than the mind of a pregnant woman (except maybe a clinically crazy woman) but a crazy pregnant woman can be extremely entertaining.

When I was pregnant with my son, all of my normal emotions were multiplied, by about 1000. I am an emotional person on a daily basis anyway. I cry at hallmark commercials and greeting cards, and I have yet to get through an episode of Grey's Anatomy without a tissue box. I have even been known to cry at sporting events. Now imagine me pregnant. I cried for 40 straight weeks about absolutely nothing, and then I would cry harder because I was so embarrassed that I was crying! It was completely out of my control. I was also easily angered (I know, hard to believe right?). I yelled at several people that I didn't know, most of whom pissed me off on some sort of mass transit system, and I hated pretty much everyone. I was absolutely miserable when I was pregnant.

I was miserable for many reasons. First of all, I was fat. And I didn't get fat because I was eating all of the foods that I enjoy, no, I was fat even though Chik-fil-a made me nauseous. I was fat and I couldn't see my toes. I couldn't shave my legs because I wasn't certain that they were still there because I couldn't see or feel them. I was also tired. I have always slept on my tummy and that was the 1st thing to go. Sleeping on my sides got uncomfortable and I woke up every couple of hours to change positions. I never got enough sleep, and a tired Annie is a very unhappy Annie.

Yes, there are many crazy things that happen during pregnancy, and because I am totally nuts, I have decided to do it all over again. That's right, baby Duncan # 2 is on its way into my crazy life and crazy household. I wish there was away to prepare the poor unsuspecting little thing, but there isn't. He or she will just have to learn how to survive the chaos. The rest of us certainly have.

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