Thursday, September 10, 2009

He's Here!

Baby boy # 2 has finally arrived! I am no longer pregnant! I’ve indulged in Blue Moons and Red Bull, and life is good!

I was scheduled to be induced at 7:00am on August 21. We started with the same bullshit-run-around that we did with our 1st child. "Oh, I'm sorry, the hospital is too full for inductions, you'll have to call back in 2 hours." We did this for a full 24 hours last time, and Charming Husband wasn't having it. He called 2 hours later and said we were already on our way, and wouldn't you know it, there was suddenly enough room! They started the dreaded Pitocin around 11:00am, but by 4:00pm contractions were still very weak and very far apart. I hadn't even asked for the epidural yet. I guess baby wasn't happy, because he had a huge drop in heart rate that lasted 9 minutes. In a blur of blue scrubs and ponytails, too many nurses for me to even count came rushing into the delivery room and started flipping me into different positions to get the baby to start breathing again. His heart rate came back up, and even stayed very consistent, and all but by regular nurse left the room. She said that his heart rate looked great now, but if he did it again than we might have to talk about a c-section. I find it amusing how sensitive nurses and doctors are when it comes to talking about c-sections. My guess is it is because you just never know what kind of mom you've got in the delivery room. I'm sure some moms would freak out if you even murmur "c-section" but thankfully for all involved, I am not one of those moms. I thought about it as the nurse was talking to us, and as soon as she left the room I asked my husband what he thought about us just opting for the c-section now. We've already had so many scares with this baby, and if he can't handle measly contractions, how is he going to handle full-blown labor and delivery? As soon as I said it, Charming Husband agreed. I could see the color come back into his face instantly. He had been thinking it too, but he didn't want to make any suggestions that might awaken some low-lying pregnant lady beast inside me. We told the nurse our decision, she called my doctor in, and we agreed to go ahead and get the baby out now. No one said it then, but I think they were all relieved that we had decided not to wait for any more problems.

From there, it was only an hour or so until baby boy made his grand entrance. And what a grand entrance it was! 10lbs 3oz and 21" long. I am now glad for many reasons that we opted for the c-section. Just thinking about the damage he could have done makes my girly parts seize up. Having now had babies both ways, I can tell you with absolute certainty, if we have another baby we are scheduling a c-section! No wondering if my water is going to break in public, no waiting for contractions to actually advance labor. No huge babies trying to push their way out of a hole that is waaaay too small. Nope. 8:30 in 10:00 out, healthy baby, girly parts still in tact. Done and done. That is, if I can convince my husband to do all of this again!

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