Monday, November 9, 2009

The Dawg House

Yeah, I stole "Dawg House" from some article I read. I don't ACTUALLY spell like that. Anywho. This might seem surprising for several reasons. In fact, it surprises me, and I can expect a lot of people are going to not like this, but I am going to admit it anyway. I don't hate Michael Vick. I should, trust me I know that, but I don't. Yes I am aware of the horrible, inexcusable, atrocious crimes he committed on countless dogs, but I don't hate him.

I did hate him at first. But now, for whatever reason, I seem to have forgiven him. He appears to be very remorseful, and unless he is the only NFL quarterback to have stellar acting skills, I think he really IS remorseful (Ok, Peyton Manning is a pretty good actor for being an NFL quarterback. So replace "quarterback" with whatever position it is that Vick is playing now). He did his time, and hopefully that, combined with the media frenzy and public hatred for him, has made him really understand the scope of what he did. I hope he knows how truly awful he was, and I hope he has changed. I think he has changed. Either way, he would have to be the stupidest over-paid athlete EVER to think he could do it again.

I appreciate, too, how Vick has stayed out of the limelight since his release from prison. He knows most people don't like him, so he isn't rubbing it in everyone's faces that he is back on the field. I can’t help but wonder too if it is harder now for others to continue running their dog fighting rings as well, now that everyone knows they exist. I'm not saying we should thank Vick for shedding light on the problem, because I don’t think we should thank him for anything ever, but I do think more of these operations will be broken up. And in a very dark and twisty way, I sort of think that he is kind of, well, hot. Hot in an “I'm-a-little-afraid-of-you-so-I'll-keep-my-distance-but-you're-still-sort-
of-attractive” kind of way.

I haven't fully forgiven him. I do think that he still has a huge debt to pay to society, and if and when he is allowed to be near dogs again I think he should help rehabilitate them and care for them; voluntarily. Until then, he should donate money in place of his time to those who care for those dogs now. I also think he better toe the line for the rest of his life if he doesn't want to remain public enemy #1.

For those who know me, this is probably shocking. Not only because I am a dog owner and lover, because that's obvious, but also because somehow I know who Michael Vick is. I also know that he is playing for the Eagles. I also kind of wanted him to come to Denver because we were searching for a quarterback. I know this because I now watch football. VOLUNTARILY! and I actually enjoy it! And I like the Broncos! And I just wrote a blog about it all! I'm not sure who I have become. and I'm certainly not sure I'm happy with it.

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