Friday, November 13, 2009

I Wish I Was a Perfect Parent Like You Are, or Not.

Some people think they just know everything about everything. "I've never raised a child but I'm SURE I could do it better than YOU" or "My children are grown and I am SURE I did a better job than YOU". Get off your soap box and shut up.

I made the mistake of reading the comments on a news story the other day. I always read them and I always wish I hadn't. The people that post are always complete idiots spewing nonsense about topics with which they have zero experience. Read the article and comments here . I am in no way defending the behavior of the student in this article or her parents. I think the girl was definitely at fault and should face severe consequences, but seriously, the people who are commenting have no clue what they are talking about.

These non-parents, and some old parents, are always saying how everything is the parent's fault. Clearly this child has the absolute worst parents in the world because if she had "good" parents she would never act like this. Now, it is entirely possible that this teenage girl has parents that spoil her rotten, or maybe they neglect her. Really, who knows. But that most important thing to remember here is this: she is a TEENAGER, even worse, a TEENAGE GIRL! People were going so far as to say that because of this 15 year old girl’s questionable behavior she would grow up to be a terrible person who always felt entitled. Because no children ever naturally grow out of bad behavior. Ever. There was a similar story a little while back about a couple of middle school boys who were being disruptive so a volunteer jokingly taped their mouths shut. People were all pissed off at those kids too! I don't care how disruptive my child is or how annoyed with him you are. If you touch him, in an inappropriate manner, I'll beat your ass. Dare me. Or what about the toddler and his mother who were just kicked off of a Southwest Airlines flight? People were blaming the mother for not having any control over her 2 YEAR OLD! Clearly, those people have never attempted to fly with a toddler. One woman even suggested that you shouldn't fly with a child until they are older. Puh-lease! I'm gonna DRIVE to Minnesota to see my in-laws twice a year. Because that isn't torture on anyone.

So to all of you expert parenters, especially those of you who have yet to raise children, you never once acted up in class, Right? You never once disrupted learning for other students, right? You never once questioned authority, right? Which is why you are perfect now, right? Right. You fight with a toddler for 45 minutes to get dressed and another 45 minutes to get in the car and you tell me how much you care that they sometimes get a little rowdy. You fight with a teenage girl about her clothes and her cell phone and her friends and her boyfriends and her bad attitude (that I'm pretty sure 99.8% of teenager girls have by the way) and tell me how concerned you are that she isn't perfect. You try and get any number of middle school boys to calm down and be quiet for any amount of time and you tell me how easy it is to control them. These kids aren't completely out of control because they have bad parents. They aren't completely out of control! They are kids. There is a reason why most of the stupid shit kids get caught doing before they are 18 gets removed from their record. Because they are KIDS! And they do some stupid shit! I know I did, and I am a better person for it. So, fuck you. If you minded your own goddamn business in the 1st place it wouldn't matter to you that my kids acted up, or that I was a bad parent. Go back home, where everything is perfect and as it should be and no one makes any mistakes. Yeah. Because THAT place exists.

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