Thursday, April 15, 2010

Days 3 & 4 Under the Dome

If you don't get the Simpson's Movie reference there, I can't help you.

So yesterday was fun. Or something. Charming Husband sneaked back to work because he is a bastard great employee so it was just me and the little boys here at home. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast because I'm pretty sure cinnamon rolls are a common cure for whooping cough, and naturally a hissy fit ensued. I thought it would be smart for Bug to start with just 2 cinnamon rolls on his plate, he disagreed and thought that 4 was the proper amount. I am an evil mama for not allowing 4 at once I guess, and I was consequently defriended forever and ever because of it. Mind you, an hour later I was defriended again although now I don't remember why. It happened at least 1 more time yesterday afternoon. I earned back his friendship when we made pertussis-free cookies before dinner, and so far today I am still his friend so I guess I've won...or maybe he won? We also played a few rounds of basketball in which the rules kept changing so that I never won and a game of Snow White that I am still a little confused about. Am I Snow White? Are we looking for Snow White? I better not be the evil witch or whatever the villain is supposed to be, or a dwarf. Actually I really don't want to be Snow White either because all she does is cook for and clean up after all those boys. Oh wait..... yup. I MUST be Snow White.

Today has started off well. The Little Guy slept in his OWN bed for 11 and a half hours straight last night! WOOHOO! When Bug was little and slept through the night I woke up every 4 hours or so to check on him. This morning around 6:00 when Charming Husband's alarm went off I rolled over and mumbled to him to make sure the baby was still breathing. He was. I needed him to take a nap today as well so I could blog get some work done and he was not having it, so I may or may not have laid down with him. In his crib. Whatever. Thanks to that and Bob the Builder I am being productive today, at least so far. And I still haven't heard from the doctor so I will be calling her office REAL soon.


Kiera said...

Hey! I'm visiting from FF! new follower! I loooove your blog name, it was obvious that i have to follow you! cant wait to poke around your blog a bit!

Qoddess said...

You've been quoted!