Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Let's Talk About Me

Well, I started a blog so that I could talk about myself, so really, what did you expect? I stole borrowed this idea from the owner/creator of  Magically Ordinary. Check it out to see her list as well!

This is called the ABC's of me. How could I possibly pass on the chance to answer questions about myself!

A. Addiction: Redbull. I keep them in business. They should pay me to promote them.

B. Bed size: Queen, and if we had a bigger room we would be upgrading to a California King. A queen just doesn't cut it when 2 small children wind up in your bed.

C. Chore I hate: every.last.one. But I guess putting away laundry is the worst; which is why it never gets done.

D. Dog or Cat?: Dogs! I hate cats. There is no room for their attitude in my home. There is only one princess in my household, and that is me (unless of course I am blessed with a little girl someday, then she will be the princess and I will be promoted to queen).

E. Essential part of my day: hostess cupcakes. for breakfast. I pass at least 3 7-11 stores on my way to work. You don't expect me to drive past ALL of them, do you?

F. Favorite Animal: Elephants! I have always loved them. I rode on one once at the circus, and then I wanted to free it but I couldn't. Now I am sad :(

G. Gold or Silver: Usually silver, but every once in a while I wear gold.

H. Height: 5'8" and 1/2. Every little bit counts.

I. Instrument I wish I could play: The piano. Then I could be a famous musician like Sarah Maclachlan

J. Job: My official title is Administrative Manager of Operations and Business Development. Sounds fancy, huh? And also, mama, wife, and student.

K. Kids: 2 boys so far, but I am pushing hard for that 3rd child

L. Living Arrangements: House in the city with my fam dam

M. Mom's Name: Cheri

N. Nickname: um, I don't really have any. My older sister used to call me Squirt, but I am 5" taller than her now so it no longer applies, and Charming Husband used to call me Bert but he stopped. Not sure why actually, but I am still in his phone that way.

O. Overnight Hospital Stay: both babies, but that is it.

P. Pet Peeve: there are so many that it is really a whole blog post of its own. Today it is pedestrians who think they own the world.

Q. Quote from a movie: "Oh I know, I was like, so lucky getting Mono, that was like, the best diet ever" - Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion

R. RIGHTY OR LEFTY?: usually a righty, but sometimes I am ambidextrous.

S. SIBLINGS: 3 sisters and a brother, plus my husbands 497 siblings.

T. TV Shows: Before I was too busy to watch TV, I enjoyed Grey's Anatomy and Dancing With the Stars. And pretty much everything on HGTV.

U. Underwear: why yes, I am wearing underwear.

V. Vacation I am dreaming of: a beach, a sun (2 sons?), a tan, and a drink with a little umbrella.

W. Why I am always late: It's hereditary. I have no control over it.

X. X-ray: hmmm, don't think I have ever had one actually.

Y. Yummiest food the hubby makes: he made some pretty darn good chili the other day, but his signature items are stuffed shells and hot wings. In all honesty, I married him for the hot wings. mmmm hot wings.

Z. Zodiac sign: Taurus

So now that we have established how much I rock, what are the ABC's of you?


Gucci Mama said...

I hate cats with a passion. We are well matched. ;)

magically ordinary said...

Hate cats, too! And, hot wings and chili? Yum!

Aimee said...

Awesome, I hope to get a moment to use this!

Meanwhile, feel free to head to my blog on Wednesday 4/28, you will be photo tagged!