Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Things I Love: Volume II

My 4-year-old told me that our automatic air freshner "scares the crap" out of him. I can't get mad, it's just too cute!

The company I work for is hiring, and I get to head up the process! I posted the jobs, and I am getting all of the resumes. I also might get the chance to sit in on the interviews and act like a big wig. I super stoked, and I'm optimistic that this could be a foray into more human resource-like responsibilities.

When I drop the little guy off at day care now he waves. And I know that any of you that are moms have seen such a thing but I swear no baby has ever been this cute doing it.

One of oldest and dearest friends got fan-freaking-tastic tickets to the Rockies last night; 1st row right at 3rd base. AH-mazing! I L-O-V-E acting like a VIP, especially  when I'm also watching my boys kick the asses off the Diamondbacks!

Long weekends. This holiday weekend will actually be my 3rd long weekend in a row because I had a bunch of PTO that I had to use up. I didn't get a damn thing accomplished in 4 days off from work, and I loved every minute of it because I also love being lazy.

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