Friday, October 15, 2010

I've Left Forever!!

Ok, not really. But I AM featured on another blog today, woohoo! The fabulous Jessica at It Rocks 2B Mom interviewed me with some great questions, and I of course gave pretty amazing answers. Go check it all out over at her blog here and check out her awesome blog while you're there!

I almost forgot! Today is also Friday, which means it's time for some blog stalking! And guess what? I am CB's Slut of the Week!!! GO ME!!! It's because I'm awesome, but you all already knew that. So get over there and add your blog to the list, if you think you can handle it. But, BUT, there are rules, and if you aren't prepared to follow them you should not link up, cuz that CB is one crazy bitch and she will out you to everyone! You have to be badass; read: no sunshine and rainbows mommy blogs. Sorry. Foul-mouth, dirty minded, naughty blogs are what this blog stalk is about. Go read her rules, and if you think you can qualify, link up. And be sure to tell her who sent you ;)

oh. and PASSCODE: Purple monkey balls

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The Adviser said...

Your interview was fabulous! You're funny with a very free spirit. I'll be back.

Miranda Ward said...

I follow you on GFC I came from Lady Blogger society. Please follow back if you have time