Monday, January 24, 2011

I Was Under the Impression That Christmas Was Over

Tomorrow is January 25th, and by my calculations, that means that Christmas was a month ago. So why, pray tell, do people still have their damn Christmas lights up?? I actually saw a house last night that still had a decorated Christmas tree in the living room! Isn't all of the joy and tinsel for the whole the month of December obnoxious enough? Why must you people continue to shove happiness and cheer down our throats? I understand being lazy, really I do. But even the laziest of the lazy people (ahem, me) got the decorations down and the Christmas tree chopped for firewood by the 1st week of January. It is time to get out the ladder and take down the outside lights. You aren't prolonging Christmas, you are making your neighbors (ahem, me) hate you. And if you really are so lazy that you just haven't taken them down, why the hell do you insist on turning them on every night? Your just wasting electricity and THAT is irresponsible, especially when live in such an eco-friendly hippie neighborhood. I'm surprised no one has given you a lecture about carbon emissions and the size of your footprint. The holiday's are fine for a short period of time, but now I would like to forget about them until Thanksgiving. I think that's my right as an American.


Lindsay Blogs said...

You wrote this to me, didn't you? Okay, look. First off, the first week of january is ONLY one week after Christmas, so really the laziest of people certainly do not have their stuff down by then.


Okay, now I feel better. I'll take them down around March when it gets a bit warmer...or when I can talk my husband into doing it (HA!)

qandlequeen said...

My former mother-in-law felt that sometime before the end of January was good just as long as it was down before Valentines Day. I like that thinking, but I had everything down over a week ago.

PS if it's too cold to take down the outside lights it is not necessary to keep turning them on. THAT I don't understand.