Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Answer to My Own Question

A few weeks ago I asked readers and friends to answer a question for me. See their response here. Below is my answer to that question. 

For yours truly, the most shocking things that happened in pregnancy were the ones that have happened this pregnancy, but didn't show up at all in my 1st two. I assumed with my 1st that all kinds of things would happen that didn't (like peeing constantly and that belly button thing) and I read every possible book and blog on being pregnant so I would be prepared. As it turns out, I just had an easy and uneventful pregnancy. I was stupid enough to believe that's how all subsequent pregnancies would be. My 2nd wasn't too bad either in terms of side effects. He was basically the same as the 1st, except I got fed up a little quicker. Number 3? Well, she is proving at a very early age that she is going to rule this household. She threw the rules out the window months ago. I was sick my 1st trimester, and not the "I feel hungover but I didn't get to drink last night" sick but the "why would Charming Husband poison my food?" kind of sick. My belly button popped, and then went back in; two things I was totally thrown off by. And what is with the peeing? I get this feeling like if I don't get to the bathroom this second I am going to pee so much I flood the office! And then I get to the toilet, and I sort of tinkle, but that's it. If there's nothing in there, why do I get the feeling I am going to need a change of pants? And seriously, what is with the boobs? I would expect the tummy/uterus/crotch areas of the body to do the most changing since that's where baby has decided to set up camp, so why is it that boobs do so much changing? No one told me that I would go from a AA cup to a DD by the time baby got here. It sounds great on paper, but just looking at them makes them either a) hurt like hell or b) leak so they are still pretty much useless until baby is actually on the outside. And how about how when I eat little bits of food find their way into my shirt that is held open by the boobs and then rest somewhere between my shirt and the super cool elastic band of my pants? I also have these strange pains in my um, girly parts, that started with the last baby. I feel what can only be described as a baby jumping on my cervix like it's a trampoline, which makes me think I have to pee, and which made me incorrectly believe I would go into labor all on my own last time. I never went into labor on my own and I never actually had to pee when that happened. It was really just an annoyance. These are the reasons (along with the financial and emotional strain and all that crap) that this little girl is likely to be my last child. Now that I look at it, how crazy does a woman have to be to do all of this more than once? Apparently, really freaking crazy.


Amanda said...

Thanks for stopping by from the tea party! I didn't have many of those "classic" symptoms either, which actually made me quite anxious since I had an early miscarriage the first time. I think the thing that shocked me most was how much my lady bits changed - I hadn't realized that part of one's body was capable of getting FAT!!!

Kat said...

This post just cracked me up. One of my closest friends is going through exactly what you are and the rest of us are shocked at how much they don't tell you... Good luck for the rest!

CinfulCinnamon said...

That's all the reasons for why I only did it once. I had a PERFECT pregnancy and didn't want to take the chance of the second one going off the rails.

Stopping by from LBS. Have a great weekend.